Caramelized pears with serrano ham

Hi!! I’m back with a very easy recipe but absolutely stunning too. One of those starters to make on the go, takes just 5 minutes, but your guests will love it, and you’ll receive loads of compliments for it. It is based in a very typical Spanish summer dish: “Melon con jamon” (melon with serrano ham). Since this is something you will eat just in summer because it is cold and refreshing, I wanted to make something that you can have at any time of the year. The caramelized pears are good both warm (that’s how I had them) and cold, so this can be a nice and different Christmas starter, if you like.

Ideally, this dish would be topped up with parmesano shavings, but, as you can see, there is none (sadly) in my preparation. To be honest  with you, this was one of those dishes that came out of the blue (there is nothing better than a hungry woman a monday night, to come up with a nice and quick meal).

To make it healthier and more delicious, I used panela to caramelize my pears, instead of refined sugar. It has to be rather granulated panela or grated panela (if you have a block ar home, like I do). I am telling you this because, usually, with my panela block, I make a syrup. I just grate the block, put it in a saucepan with water and bring to boil, stirring, so the panela dissolves completely in the water. Then I keep it in a bottle or a jar with lid in my fridge and add it to my tea, juices, hot or cold drinks… But we don’t want any extra liquid in this preparation, otherwise the pears will become soggy, and we need them to  be crunchy, sweet and smooth.

Regarding the type of pears, I highly recommend conference pears. Yo can use whatever you like, but I find that conference pears are the best for cooking.

The serrano ham (that you can find already sliced in packets) needs to be at room temperature. And you must open the package at least half an hour prior to be eaten, so to display all its flavour. Serrano ham needs to breath!!

And now, the recipe… I hope you like it and find it as easy and delicious as I do.

A big, fat kiss!!!!😘

Serrano ham with caramelized pears
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  1. 100 gr serrano ham
  2. 2 conference pears
  3. 1 TBSP of olive oil or butter
  4. 2 TBSP of panela
  5. Fresh basil (to taste)
  6. Parmesano shavings (to taste)
  1. Wash and dry carefully the pears.
  2. Slice in pieces of 1/2 cm each (skin on)
  3. Put the pan to heat up at high heat and add the oil or butter (if butter, pay attention as it burns so easily)
  4. Once very hot, add the pears and the panela at the same time.
  5. Sautée continuosly for 4-5 minutes, until the panela has melted and coated all the pears.
  6. In a serving plate, put the pears on one side and the ham in the other (remember to have the ham at room temperature)
  7. Top the pears up with fresh basil and (ideally) parmesano shavings.
  8. Open a nice red wine and enjoy your quick and delicious dish.
  1. This will go perfectly with some nice sourdough bread, sliced, toasted, and brushed with oilve oil and fresh garlic!
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