Cold grape and pomegranate crumble

I know it looks like I am just working the other way round to the rest of the world, and I feel like so. While everybody is trying to fight the cold weather and thinking about thick hot gravy and turkey and all the trimmings, and getting all ready for Christmas, I am trying to get used to spend Christmas at 35ºC hot and dying for being at the beach or the pool. That is why this is a cold crumble, because I need to fill my body with refreshing deliciousness.

Anyway, I believe that something is for winter because is hot and something is for summer because is cold, doesn’t work anymore.

This is a dessert that can be made in advance, ideal for the incoming season, and really refreshing, which is what one needs after a heavy meal like the ones we use to have in Thanksgivings,  Christmas, Boxing Day etc…

I used whipped cream, but I think it will work beautifully with ice cream too, or a cold vanilla sauce. Moreover, because the crumble and the fruit are already sweet, you may not need to add any sugar or sweetener to the cream.

We do not want a heavily whipped cream, we need a silky soft texture to pour on top and that can fall into all the layers while eating.

I decided to use red seedless grapes and pomegranate because of their juice and sweet flavour, but try your own combinations if you like.

As I said, you can prepare the crumble and keep it in a tin box with lid, wash the grapes and empty the pomegranate (I leave here a very easy method to empty your pomegranate… it is in spanish, but just watch it as it is selfexplanative)

To make healthier this pudding, I have used Tagatose both for the crumble and to sweeten the cream. I have already talked a few times about it (check my recipe of pumpkin crepes with caramel) but if you can’t get your hands on it, just use any other sweetener or brown sugar, it will work the same, but double the quantities.

And here you have the easy recipe, if you try it, let me know if you’ve liked it!

A big fat kiss!😘

Cold grape and pomegranate crumble
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  1. 150 gr all purpose flour
  2. 100 gr oats
  3. 50 gr tagatose
  4. 100 cold butter in small cubes
  5. 1 tsp vanilla extract
  6. 250 gr cream
  7. 50 gr tagatose (to sweeten the cream, but this is optional)
  8. red seedless grapes
  9. pomegranate
  1. Preheat oven at 180ºC
  2. In a bowl, mix the flour, the oats and the tagatose.
  3. Add the vanilla and the butter and rub the mix with your hands untill you get the texture of the crumble (not too big crumbles)
  4. Extend the mix in an oven tray with baking parchment and bake until golden brown (aprox 30 minutes).
  5. Let cold and reserve
  6. In the meantime, whip the cream with the tagatose (optional) until it thinkens a bit.
  7. Wash the grapes and if they are too big, chop them in half.
  8. Empty your pomegranate with the tecnique in the video of the description.
  9. A few minutes before serving, in your serving dish, place a first layer of fruit, a seconda layer of crumble, third layer of cream and finally, top it up with more fruit.
  10. Serve inmediatelly.
  1. As I have said, you can do everything in advance but don't mount the layers until the very last minute or the crumble will become soggy.
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