Mediterranea salad with tuna and wheat berries

One of the things that I never give up reminding is that this is not a site about loosing weight diet, but healthy eating diet. And one of the pillars of healthy eating (to me) is a balanced diet in a balanced life. Don’t take me wrong, I always talk about myself and my way of life, in no way I’m telling you how to live or if your life choice is better or worse than mine. Everyone is welcome to live their lives as they please!!! But to me, balance works. That’s why, if I have in mind going out with friends, or having a few drinks, or going to a party, I am not gonna be the one who stays in a corner not eating and giving disapproving looks to the ones who do! No way! I eat what I want and drink what I want (with moderation) and the days after or before, I try to eat clean and compensate the excess.

This salad I am bringing today is a perfect example of what I would be eating on those days (although sometimes I just have a salad because I want and I love them). My salads are mains, so I try them to be filling and nice, and the wheat berries are a lovely way to eat cereals in a different way and to feel satisfied. The only thing about them is that they have to be left in water overnight before boiling it.

I am not giving quantities here because everyone does their salad as big or small as they want.

And here’s the recipe

Mediterranean wheat berries and tuna salad
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  1. Lettuce (of your choice)
  2. Spinach
  3. Red pepper
  4. Wheat berries
  5. A tuna can (if in olive oil, better)
  6. Salt and Pepper
  7. Olive oil and lemon juice to dress the salad.
  1. The night before, place 1/4 of cup of wheat berries in a bowl and cover with cold water. Leave overnight.
  2. In the morning, drain the wheat and place to boil in clean salted water.
  3. Once fluffy and tender, drain and wash with cold water (this will help to stop the grain from overcooking and to decrease the temperature).
  4. Place in the fridge (drained) to cool down completely.
  5. In the meantime, wash carefully the veggies and drain them.
  6. Cut them as you preffer ( I cut my lettuce with my hands, leave the whole spinach leaves and slice thinely the pepper)
  7. Add the tuna (drained from the oil)
  8. Sprinkle on top with your what berries.
  9. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  10. Dress the salad with olive oil and lemon juice and ready to enjoy!
  1. The ingredients I suggest here are precisely that, a suggestion. Feel free to try other combinations or use whatever you have at home!!!
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