Sardines and orange on toast

Heading to the weekend, nothing better than a quick lunch or supper on the go. It doesn’t matter if you want to rest or just load a little bit of fuel on your body to carry on with your activity, no one wants to spend too much time in the kitchen when there’s so many things to do. 

I know many people will be saying… sardines on toast? That’s what my granny has… Well yes, what’s wrong with a bit of old fashion food… with a twist?

Firstable, sardines are a great food, maybe your granny wasn´t that wrong after all. Look, sardines are a powerfull source of Omega3, which is good to help you keep your cholesterol under control and as well, very needed in case of heart conditions. As well contains fat-soluble vitamins, proteins and calcium (moreover the canned ones, because the bones are edible). And, to be honest, sardines taste lovely to me!!!

Now, when you’re making a nice toast, you need a nice bread. In my case, as I’ve told you many times now, I’m living in Chile ATM, so I’m trying all the local especialities, so I used Hallulla bread, which is one of the bases of the chilean diet, but just choose a nice bread (ciabatta will do lovely!!!)

And finally, fruit (yep, tomato is a fruit, and avocado too, no doubt about orange). Definitely adding these fruits made my toast a lot more complete and lovely, yet the orange was giving that acid point needed to refresh the combination. Never be afraid to try impossible combinations, because they can result as good as this sardines and orange thing!

And here’s the recipe 🙂

Sardines and orange on toast
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  1. Bread (your choice, ciabatta will do)
  2. 1 tin of sardines (in olive oil preferably)
  3. 1 tomato
  4. 1 orange
  5. 1 avocado
  1. Toast the bread (your choice: in a toastes, in the oven, in a pan ... I like to do it in a pan, because that how my grandma used to do it when I was a child...)
  2. Use half of the tomato to rub in the bread once toasted.
  3. Place a few slices of tomato and avocado on top of it.
  4. Now the sardines (I like to open them by the middle (the bones) and place the fillets with the bones facing down)
  5. Top it up with finelly sliced orange (sweet and tangy)
  6. Enjoy!
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