Welcome to Chile

Here begins this journey, and this post is the “0” mark in it. Many years ago, around 2006, I was a “foodblogger”, but I never was able to find my way or the things that I wanted to cook or publish. I had a little money, no skills at all at picture taking, and my “life partner” in technology (my sister, who has been my guide and light in the fog in this thing called “blogging” or “web desiginig”, and without whom I’d be still completely lost) was still too young and starting to learn too. As well, I was continuosly jumping from traditional food, family recipes, to whatever was catching my eye around internet and wanted to try or Weight Watchers recipes… Finally, not feeling comfortable with that blog, it just remained as an “online” recipes pad to check sometines… I definitetly didn’t know what my place was. I think that proves that there’s a time and a place for everything.

But I never left the kitchen, never stopped cooking, it’s more the other way round. After having my child, and suffering directly the economic crisis in Spain (my birthplace), we decided to move to England, where I qualified as a chef and started my own professional and personal food path. That is a huge world, a lot more than people thinks. The best thing I could ever do, was starting from the very bottom, and go climbing all the steps of the process…quialifying not only in Food prep, but times and different cooking methods, nutrition, balanced diet, caloric intakes, alergens…and learn how different is to cook for 100 customers rather than your little family kitchen. Then, I specialised in people with dificulties to swallow, how to cook for them, how to make food apealing, how to provide the nutrients they need, how to aim and help them through food to recover from the conditions that’s taken them to that stage… Chefs sometimes forget that there’s other people to cook for apart from the fancy dishes served in cool restaurants.

Today I know who I am and what is my place in the kitchen, and today, suddenly, life spins around again!

I’m writting this very first post of my blog sat in my living room in an apartment in Chile. After the biggest move I’ve ever had to go through, today I not longer am the head chef with no time for the family, but the explorer, the tourist of a brand new gastronomy, products that I had never tasted or seen before. I am the woman who arrived here with no more than two suitcases and no cooking stuff at all, but all the time in the world to taste, peal, chop, sautee, boil, bake, roast, smell…That’s why my starting point of this adventure is pictured by a Kiwano, and I welcome you to Chile and to my blog… keep reading 🙂